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High Desert Divers is a Nonprofit Organization serving the dive and non-dive communities alike in the Lake Tahoe, Nevada area.
High Desert Divers strives to bring awareness of SCUBA Diving to the community. We meet every month in Carson City, NV and participate in a number of events througout the year designed to foster interest in diving and dive related activities.
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Scuba diving is both fun and rewarding, and High Desert Divers can be your gateway to this new life of adventure. Whether you choose PADI, NAUI, or another avenue of certification we can help you identitfy your needs and offer access to a community of both professional and recreational divers to assist you.

Many of our members are experienced instructors and dive master capable of instructing all levels of PADI recreational and professional diving certification. Whether you are looking to dive for the first time, seeking a refresher course, or looking to hone your dive skills and further your certifications and experience, High Desert Divers can assist you.

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HDD Mission

High Desert Divers exists to support the dive community in the Lake Tahoe area as well as assist other non-profit organizations in their missions. Some of our past involvement includes Project Aware intercoastal cleanup programs and Divers Alert Network fundraising. We are always looking for new programs to assist and participate in be they on land or under the water.

As Scuba diving professionals and enthusiasts, we at High Desert Divers aim to leave the rich resources of our rivers, lakes, and oceans better than we found them. Our members participate in conservation programs around Lake Tahoe as well as at our other dive destinations, such as assisting in the erradication of invasive plants and animal species which threaten native wildline.

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